• Diagnosis - Multi Nodular Goitre

    Promote good health and reduce illness

    Good health is to a great extent the responsibility of the individual. But the Ministry plays a major role in educating and providing information to the public on how they can maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Ministry also plays a key role in reducing illnesses in Singapore through the control and prevention of diseases and ensuring that resources are allocated appropriately to do this. Ensure access to good and affordable healthcare The Ministry is responsible for ensuring that healthcare in Singapore is characterised by good clinical outcomes and professional standards, and that services delivered are appropriate to each patient's needs. While we emphasise the principle of co-payment, we also ensure that healthcare remains affordable to Singaporeans. Pursue medical excellence Our healthcare system is well regarded and Singaporeans have benefited from it. More...

    Dr. Shyam Agrawal
    City - MP (Bhopal)